ToggleNic- toggling the enabled network connection in win7

I found this site which ironically had a project under the same title I was using.

I wrote a togglenic app for xp some time ago but it was pretty limited in the features. This week i got a new win7 pc and found my togglenic no longer worked. I found the listed site, got the code, and went to work.

Its now a windows forms application, it will start with windows if you set it (minimized of course), will provide a list of networks, you can refresh this list, choose the network, outputs log to richtextbox, minimized to tray. Warning- i threw this together so its provided with no warranty. Sorry.

Pretty basic. I plan on adding xp support, but haven’t done so yet. So to be clear this should work on vista,7,and 2008 though I’ve only tested in win7.

Also to be clear i have no affiliation with the author of the listed post, we’ve just happened to name it the same thing. I did steal his icon…cuz it was nice.

Im not releasing the source since the working code has already been released. Any ideas for improvements are welcome.

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