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Life Updates- and svg

I’ve been doing a lot of  iPhone development, and redid my proof of concept jQuery Mobile website. So no shortage of work. Also had my 2nd child since my last post. 🙂

In doing all the work I’ve found that there are not to many places that offer svg files of their free icons. Those that do, have very limited packs. Maybe I’m missing a site?

The above site lists some nice free places to get icons. There is also:

Anyway, so to be clear I’m looking for monochrome simplistic mobile icons. And since no one seems to offer svg files, I took it upon myself to learn inkscape, trace a couple icons as a proof, and save them out. So granted I’m no designer, but id like to offer what I have, and what I make in the future.

Hopefully the more I make the better I’ll get, but you know how programmers design…

If you have any favorite free icon packs feel free to post them in the comments, especially of they are in svg format.

If you have any corrections of tweaks to my files please post in the comments so I can get the files are share them with everyone.